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Crop Circles: A Modern Mystery

July 1978, when this modern mystery began. or those unfamiliar with them, crop circles occur when standing cereal crop such as wheat, barley, rye, or oilseed rape is laid down not cut! in a farmer's field. The process forms large (150 to 400 ft), precise geometric patterns that are best viewed from the air. In most cases the plant stems are merely bent over as if from within, not broken externally. Thus, if not walked on, the still living stems eventually straighten up as the plant continues to mature. Circles usually form at night so patterns are typically discovered early in the morning by farmers, small plane pilots, crop circle researchers, or passers by. In a few rare cases, similar geometric signs; have been found in grass, sand, vegetables, or even snow and ice. According to investigative journalist and author, Linda Moulton Howe, since 1978 such circles have been reported in over 34 countries, including the United States, Canada, Germany, Japan, and Australia. They are frequently (but not always), associated with paranormal sightings, ranging from nocturnal "balls of light" to UFOs.


The Taos Hum

Citizens in Britain and portions of the Southwestern U.S. have been complaining about a maddening hum that just won't go away. And researchers have been unable to pinpoint its source. Not everyone can hear the low-pitched hum, and those who do say that it seems artificial in nature - and is driving them crazy.

In 1977, a British newspaper received nearly 800 letters from people complaining of loss of sleep, dizziness, shortness of breath, headaches, anxiety, irritability, deteriorating health, inability to read or study because of the incessant hum.


Alien Implants Removal

Several years after the surgical removal of their alleged alien implants, five individuals courageously accepted to take part in an interview to discuss their "before and after effects". All persons, one male and four females, shared one thing in common: UFO encounters and contact with non-human alien beings.

Dr. Roger Leir, a podiatrist from Thousand Oaks, California, founder of FIRST (Fund for Interactive Research and Space Technology) and Derrel Sims, C.Ht., R.H.A., a certified hypnotherapist , co-founder of FIRST and experienced UFO Investigator of over 27 year, orchestrated the successful surgeries with a team of competent medical professionals and volunteers. The first set of "implant" surgeries took place on August 19, 1995 at Dr. Roger Leir's podiatry clinic in Thousand Oaks, California.


Chernobyl 20 years later

It was September 1990 and the Rev. Paul Moore, his son, Paul Jr. and their friend Dr. Michael Christensen were in East Berlin helping to tear down the Berlin wall. But the process was taking too long by hand, so the Army Corps of Engineers ordered bulldozers and gave the workers leave until the reunification of Germany, a few weeks away.

The group, still known as the "three amigos," obtained visas to Belarus and took the train from Berlin, through Poland and staggered out of station in Minsk at 2 a.m.

There Paul Moore would meet Tataiana, an 8-year-old with leukemia and her mother in the onco-hemotological center at the children's hospital. The child had developed the cancer due to the high concentration of radiation, spread to that area of Belarus in the Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster of 1986.


The Hollow Earth Theory

The "problem" with what is taught about Earth and all other planets in school is that they are NOT filled with solid rock - they are hollow. Planets have their insides filled with life, usually more than on their external surface. Planets are not just rocks, they are the source of life to those that inhabit them. They have a soul - around and within their bodies.

During the ages, there were always those who knew about planetary hollowness. It is common knowledge to older, wiser Civilizations from other areas of the Universe.

Earth scientists became aware as well, but the knowledge was blocked by the new world order. The governments block this information to the people...


A scientist says he may have found remains of the lost city of Atlantis.

Satellite photos of southern Spain reveal features on the ground appearing to match descriptions made by Greek scholar Plato of the fabled utopia.

Dr Rainer Kuehne thinks the "island" of Atlantis simply referred to a region of the southern Spanish coast destroyed by a flood between 800 BC and 500 BC.

The research has been reported as an ongoing project in the online edition of the journal Antiquity.

Satellite photos of a salt marsh region known as Marisma de Hinojos near the city of Cadiz show two rectangular structures in the mud and parts of concentric rings that may once have surrounded them.


The Enfield Poltergeist

Quite possibly, one of the most fascinating paranormal cases I've run across is that of the Enfield case in North London. It revolved around a family of five. Peggy Harper, a divorced mother, and her four children. They lived in a three bedroom house in Enfield. The events began in August of 1977, when two of the children Janet and Pete complained that their beds were moving. When their mother went to investigate, however, the beds were still, leading Peggy to believe that the children were making the story up.


The nazi-UFO connection

It all began with what was probably one of the most devastating immigrations to America. A German by the name of Johannes Rockefeller arrived in America early in her history and gave rise to a family line that would later finance the Nazi revolution in Germany, even to the degree of merging their Standard Oil Company with the Nazi owned and operated I. G. Farben chemical company, which provided Zyklon-B cyanide gas for the German death camps during world war II. Following the war, there is more than enough evidence to conclude that these American corporate fascists secreted literally thousands of hard-core Nazi's into the USA, shuffling them into the various levels of the military-industrial-intelligence fraternity which the Rockefellers essentially owned and operated, while at the same time sponsoring U.S. "presidents" who would faithfully remove power from Congress [via vetos, executive orders, the appointing rather than electing of executive branch personnel, and the creation of several secret agencies which operated under security classifications that even the most powerful Congressional overseers were forbidden from acquiring].


The Secret Of Fatima

TAKEN from the Text of the periodical "L'ARALDO di S. ANTONIO" no. 15, May, 1975 and reprinted, in obedience to the will of the SS. Virgin Mother of the Savior Jesus Christ, for the apostolate and diffusion of the good press by the Group of Spiritual Children of the Servant of God Padre Pio from Pietralcina. (S.B.C. Turin)

The Decree of the Congregation for the Propagation of Faith A.A.S. No. 58/16, of 12-29-1966, had aiready been approved by SS. Paul VI on 10-14-1966 and was published by the will of His Holiness. Three months after publication, the Decree was confirmed; therefore it is no more forbidden to divulge - without imprimatur - writings regardin new apparitions, revelations, prophecies and miracles. The Vatican Council has recognized the right to sincere information among honest people.


The Villisca Axe Murders

Almost 95 years ago, long before serial killers and mass murders had become a way of life, two adults and 6 children were found brutally murdered in their beds in the small mid-western town of Villisca Iowa.

During the weeks that followed, life in this small town changed drastically.

Hardware stores ran out of locks and weapons as townspeople armed themselves against an unknown assailant. Newspaper reporters and private detectives flooded the streets. Accusations, rumors and suspicion ran rampant among friends and families. Bloodhounds were brought in. Law enforcement agencies from neighboring counties and states joined forces. Hundreds of interviews filled thousands of pages.

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